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Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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Super Shooters

  1. When using the recipes that come with the super shooter, the dough is too thick to push out of the barrel. What can cause this problem?
    1. Butter/margarine not soft/melted enough
    2. Slight error in measuring ingredients
  2. What should you do when you can't get the dough to cut off from the cookie disc?
    Make sure you squeeze the barrel and count to 6. This will release enough dough onto the cookie sheet to release.
  3. Can I use my own cookie dough recipes?
  4. Are extra discs with different designs available?
    There are two sets of discs available. The model 8000 Super Shooter disc set includes a sailboat, star, ribbon, snowman, tree, car, heart, and flower. Model 80090 Cookie Monster Super Shooter disc set includes Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, A, B, C, 1, 2 and 3. These sets are interchangeable.
  5. Why is my super shooter running but nothing is coming out?
    If the batteries are put in backwards, the super shooter will not push dough out, and the shaft will go in reverse.
  6. Where is the model and series number on the super shooter?
    The model number is printed in the plastic base, where the barrel fits onto the base. The manufacturer's date or series number is embossed into the "L" shaped plastic housing (by the squeeze lever).
  7. Can I refrigerate the dough and press it through later?
    Yes, but first allow the dough to warm up to just above room temperature.
    However, once the mixture has been refrigerated, it's difficult to get it to the right temperature to press through the disc. We recommend pressing the dough onto a cookie sheet, and refrigerating the whole pan.
  8. Can I use rechargeable batteries?
  9. Can I use "ready to cook" dough, such as refrigerated Pillsbury® Cookie Dough?
    Yes, if you allow it to warm just above room temperature, and then try pressing it through. A cold stiff dough will drain your batteries very quickly and is hard on the machine. For this reason, even though you can use refrigerated dough, we don't recommend it.
  10. How long should the batteries last?
    Using the basic spritz cookie recipe, the batteries last for 24 barrels of dough. (That's about 12 batches.)

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