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Food Processors (Full-Size) FAQs

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  1. Why won't the food processor start?
    Because the bowl and cover are not locked in place. The interlock safety switch is not engaged, because the cover has not been turned far enough clockwise to engage. To ensure this does not happen see below:
    First, make sure the bowl is locked onto the base properly. Then ensure the cover is locked on the bowl. The cover should be turned clockwise until the vertical tab is even with the arrow on the top housing next to ON.

  2. What will this food processor do?
    Chop, shred & slice, along with a variety of specialty uses such as julienne, grate, mince, crumb, mix, cut-in, puree, mash, blend, and grind.

  3. What size bowl is available?
    The standard bowl has a dry capacity of 6 cups and a liquid capacity of 2 cups.

  4. What blades or accessories are available?
    S-Blade for chopping and Slicer/Shredder Disc for slicing/shredding.

  5. Will this food processor knead bread?
    No, this food processor should not be used for this function.

  6. Will the food processor crush ice?
    No, it is not recommended that your food processor be used to crush ice, as it may damage the blades or the bowl.

  7. Can liquid be mixed in the food processor? IF so, how many cups?
    Yes, approximately 2 cups of liquid may be mixed in the unit.

  8. What is the wattage?
    350 Watts.

  9. Can the external parts, such as the bowl, blades, lid, etc. be washed in a dishwasher?
    Generally, all external parts are "top rack" dishwasher safe. However, some Use & Care booklets state differently, so we suggest following the Use & Care instructions provided with your food processor.

  10. What do the following symbols mean?
    O = off
    | = on
    M = Momentary

  11. What are the circular holes in the slicer/shredder blade for?
    For your thumb and forefinger when inserting and removing the blade to/from the bowl.

  12. Why does food get caught in the holes of the slicer/shredder blade?
    It is natural that certain foods will get caught in the finger-grip holes. If this happens, turn processor off and remove food, reassemble and continue.

  13. How do I assemble the unit?


    1. Place base on clean, dry surface.
    2. Make sure the unit is switched to OFF and unplugged from electrical outlet.
    3. Place bowl on base, with handle facing you. Move bowl back and forth slightly until it drops down into place.
    4. Rotate the bowl counterclockwise until it locks into place. When the unit is new, you may need to turn the bowl quite firmly to lock it. This tightness will decrease with repeated use.
    5. To put on S-Blade: Place the S-blade into food processor shaft through hole in center of bowl. Turn blade slightly until flat edges on the two shafts line up and allow the blade to drop down completely onto the food processor shaft.
    6. To put on Slicer/Shredder Disc: Place the blade shaft into food processor shaft through hole in center of bowl. Align hole in center of blade with hexagon shape on top of the blade shaft so that the blade drops down onto the blade shaft. Handle blades carefully to avoid injury. Hold S-blade by the top of the plastic hub in the center; handle slicer/shredder disc by the edges.
    7. Place cover on bowl with safety interlock tab to the right of the bowl handle. Turn the cover counterclockwise so that the interlock tab slices into the slot on the side of the motor housing. The unit will not operate unless it is completely locked into place in the slot. Turn until you hear the cover lock into place.
    8. Place food pusher in food chute on top of cover.

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