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Warranty Contact Information for Canada

Send an email to Canadian Customer Service at customer.service@hamiltonbeach.com.

"My appliance or part is still under warranty..."

The appliance or part should be properly packed with a brief letter including name, mailing address, and an explanation for the return. The package should then be sent to: 

#10 McFarland Drive
Picton, Ontario
K0K 2T0 

To guarantee repair or replacement without charge, a sales receipt must accompany the appliance. Without a sales receipt, warranty will be estimated according to the appliance's manufactured date. A comparable appliance should arrive within 2-3 weeks. However, in case it is not covered by warranty, correspondence offering alternatives will be mailed to you.

"My appliance or part is out of warranty..."  or  "I'm not sure whether my appliance or part is still under warranty..."

 Please call our toll free Customer Service line for further information or find the service center nearest you: 1-800-267-2826 


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