Coffee Grinders

Coffee connoisseurs know that the best coffee comes from freshly ground beans. They also know that matching the grind to the coffee-making method is essential to getting a great cup of espresso, pour over or drip. Our Fresh Grind™ coffee grinders offer precision grinding and provide the desired texture every time. Clear cup markings make it easy to measure, while hands-free operation and auto shutoff allow more multitasking in the kitchen. Features like removable stainless steel grinder chambers and retractable cords, available on some models, make cleanup and storage a snap.  

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Built-in interlock prevents the grinder from turning on unless the lid is locked tight
  • Powerful performance and proven durability
Fresh Grind™ Coffee Grinder - 80300PS
  • 50% quieter* when grinding coffee
  • Grinds enough coffee to brew up to 12 cups — enjoy a quick cup or a full pot
  • Easy pouring and cleanup with removable, dishwasher safe bowl
Sound Shield Coffee Grinder, Black - 80402
MODEL: 80402
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