Ever want to know the difference between glass and plastic blender jars or DC and AC motors? Want to learn how to clean your coffee maker?

Find answers to these questions and more in the Proctor Silex® knowledge base.

Click for 4 surprising things you can do with a food processor

A food processor from Proctor Silex is an essential tool for many tasks, including making dough, shredding cheese, and slicing and dicing veggies. 

Click for Food chopper or food processor? Pick the right tool for each task

Food choppers and food processors chop, mix, puree, whip and emulsify, but food processors can do even more. Find out which appliance you need.

Click for Extend the life of your coffee maker with this simple cleaning routine

There are two types of cleaning for your drip coffee maker, daily cleaning (or after each use) and monthly cleaning and descaling to remove mineral deposits, yeast and mold.

Click for How to choose the right speed on your hand mixer

Selecting the right speed on your hand mixer is a little like choosing the right tempo to play a piece of music—go too fast or too slow and the finished product doesn’t turn out quite right.

Click for Baking more? A hand mixer with a DC motor saves time and effort

What’s a DC motor and why does it matter in a kitchen mixer? In a nutshell, a DC (direct current) motor is more powerful than an AC (alternating current) motor and tackles hard-to-mix ingredients better.

Click for How to choose between plastic and glass blenders

Blenders with plastic jars are more prevalent nowadays, but blenders with glass jars are still popular. What’s the difference?

Click for Countertop vs. hand blenders: Different tools for different tasks

Although the countertop blender is a workhorse, there are times when a hand blender, also known as an immersion blender, emulsion blender or stick blender, could be just what’s needed to get a meal or snack on the table quickly.

Click for Make your coffee maker

Ever wanted to cry out for your morning coffee? Since most of us lack a waitstaff at home, the next best thing to being served coffee on demand is simply brewing coffee on command. 

Click for Time for a new toaster? Look for these features

As our choices of breads have expanded and entrees like avocado toast have become all the rage, we now demand more from the humble electric toaster.

Click for Toast is bigger than breakfast

With so many people baking bread at home and so many types of bread luring us when we venture out to shop, there are bound to be some extra slices in the house. The question: what to do with all that delicious bread?


Discover the value of simplicity

What makes Proctor Silex kitchen appliances simply better? Our high-quality, easy-to-use appliances give you exactly what’s essential, every time. No frills, no fuss, no guesswork, no surprises. Just what you need, when you need it.


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