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Recycling Policy


According to the US EPA, donating used electronics for reuse extends the lives of valuable products. Recycling electronics prevents valuable materials from going into the waste stream. Consumers now have many options to recycle or donate for reuse their used electronics.


You can send a nonfunctioning Proctor Silex product to us. We will properly dispose of it, recycling appropriate components and materials. Return your Proctor Silex product to:

  • Hamilton Beach Brands Product Recycling Program
    261 Yadkin Road
    Dock 2 - Product Recycling
    Southern Pines, NC 28387

If you want to locally dispose of non-functioning Proctor Silex product, please follow applicable requirements for electronic waste. Although not all of our products contain electronic components, it's still a good idea to dispose of a product as though it did:

  • Typically, do not dispose of whole products through landfills or incineration.
  • Use an approved electronic recycler that follows environmentally sound recycling practices. Look for responsible electronics recyclers that may be certified by an accredited, independent third-party as meeting standards on responsible recycling practices.

If your Proctor Silex product is still functioning properly and you do not want to dispose of it, consider donating it.


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