Digital Kitchen Scale-86500
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6 mode digital kitchen scale

Model: 86500
No Longer Available

Weighing your food informs your nutritional choices and is a great way to lead a healthier lifestyle. The Proctor Silex Digital Scale allows you to measure foods as small as 2 grams to as large as 13 pounds in 6 different weight and volume units. Need to weigh a food, like flour or oil, that is confined to a container? The Tare function will subtract the weight of the vessel automatically. The Hold function displays the weight on the digital display for 20 seconds.

6 Modes for Weight + Volume
The cordless, digital scale includes Hold and Tare functions, plus 6 modes for weight and volume: kilogram, pound, fluid ounce, milliliter, gram and ounce. It automatically shuts off after 90 seconds to preserve battery life.

Fewer Calculations, More Precision
The Tare function eliminates bowl weight for precise ingredient weighing. Just place the bowl on the scale, wait for the scale to recalibrate to zero, and add the food you want to weigh.

Weigh a Variety of Foods
The scale can accurately display a wide weight range, whether you need to measure out as little as 2 grams of yeast for a recipe or up to 13 pounds in order to calculate how many hours your pot roast should cook.

Convenient, Compact Size
The compact design of the scale easily fits in any kitchen drawer.

  • Weight ranges from 2 g. to 13 lb.
  • Digital display
  • 6 modes for weight and volume
  • Battery included
  • TARE & Hold Functions
  • Compact size for easy storage
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