Durable Wide Slot Toaster - 22215
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wide slot 2-slice (black) toaster

Model: 22215
No Longer Available
  • 2 slice
  • Cool touch
  • Slide-out crumb tray for easy cleanup
  • Wide slots
  • Toast boost
  • Cancel button

Proctor Silex Durable Toaster All the features you need to make the perfect slice of toast. Whether you need to quickly toast a slice of whole-wheat bread to complement your scrambled eggs or an English muffin to create your favorite breakfast sandwich, it’s important your toaster is up to the daily task. The Proctor Silex Durable Toaster offers a variety of popular features, so you can rest easy knowing breakfast is just minutes away. Wide slots can accommodate larger varieties of bread, and a slide-out crumb tray makes it easy to clean after a hectic morning. Cool-touch exterior sides won't burn your hands if the sides are touched accidentally, and a toast boost feature lifts the slice a bit higher to give you a better grasp when removing your toast after it’s done. A cancel feature will turn off the toaster mid-cycle. We’ve put our toasters to the test; at least 180 loaves of bread are prepared in in each model of our toasters prior to production. That’s how we know the Proctor Silex Durable Toaster will deliver evenly browned, perfectly crunchy and reliably consistent results every time, making mornings just a little easier. Proven. Reliable products at reasonable prices. It’s not just a tagline, it’s what has lead our product development for decades. Every Proctor Silex appliance begins its journey in our engineering lab. Motors rotate, switches turn and mechanical arms spin for days on end, testing each function and feature. Then it’s off to the test kitchen, where the staff uses the product much like you would – cooking and creating to ensure it will make your life a little easier. Only when an appliance passes our rigorous testing do we know it’s ready for its final test – your home. Wide Slots The Proctor Silex Durable Toaster has wide slots to accommodate thick varieties of artisan breads. Toast Boost The toast boost feature allows you to raise the toast higher when it’s done, making smaller breads like English muffins easier to remove. Pick Your Shade Achieve consistent results each and every time you toast with the seven-option shade selector. A cancel button stops the toast cycle when desired. Cool-Touch Sides The Proctor Silex Durable Toaster won’t burn hands if the sides of the unit are accidentally touched. Slide-Out Crumb Tray Flipping the toaster upside down to remove crumbs can damage its internal parts, so the Proctor Silex Durable Toaster catches crumbs via a convenient slide-out tray for easy, safe cleaning. Convenient Cord-Wrap An integrated cord-wrap feature is helpful in maintaining a clean and clutter-free countertop.

2 wide slots to fit bagels and artisan breads

Cool-touch exterior won't burn hands if sides are touched accidentally

Slide-out crumb tray for easy cleanup

Toast boost lifts bread higher, making it easy to grab when done

Cancel button

Auto shutoff Tested


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