The Proud History of Proctor Silex Irons

It started simply; with a sturdy soleplate, a handle, and enough power to deliver constant heat to this simple tool. The invention was somewhat basic, but it was revolutionary.

Nonstick Iron with Water Window-17291RIt didn’t take long for the iron to find its way into the American household. Soon, days were spent pressing perfection into freshly laundered shirts, tablecloths, napkins, and even sheets.

We may not spend a full day ironing anymore, and in most cases, the chore-day aprons have come off too, but irons have kept their place among the beloved appliances in our homes. And when we’re looking for a simple, reliable iron to get the job done, we continue to turn to the company who has been with us from the beginning: Proctor Silex.

Since the first Proctor irons of the 1930’s, innovation, value, and ease of use have been foremost in our commitment to you.

Our history goes back to the early 1900’s when a young boy from Jackson, Michigan took an interest in how irons work. From fixing his mother’s iron as a child to developing and leading iron production as Vice President of Research and Development for Proctor Electric Company, Joseph W. Myers had a passion for making iron history.

Myers developed an automatic, adjustable temperature control iron in the 1920s and continued to perfect it in the decades that followed. As Myers triumphantly declared in a 1945 address to the Proctor organization, “We made iron history in a quiet way by introducing the first 1000 watt iron…”

Today, we continue to stand on our founding principles, but as we stride toward the future we still look for ways to add unique features without creating additional cost for you. Innovations such as the wide-mouth, easy-fill water reservoir and the addition of a cord wrap help us continue to meet your needs.

Myers used everyday homemakers and some commercial laundries for his field test. He found this swath of patrons at the county fair where he sold the irons for under cost in return for their names and addresses. He followed up with them to be sure his iron stood the test of time.

Following in his footsteps, our engineers test every iron, and each feature, to prove its effectiveness and longevity.

Steam Iron with Cord Wrap-17175Both steam and dry features are tested for 500 hours. That’s like ironing at least 6,000 shirts on each setting. And that’s just the beginning. To be sure our irons will slide over all types of materials, rapid abrasion tests are also done on the soleplates.

But to be sure it really works, our home economists need to weigh in. Using their special wrinkle machine, they crease multiple materials over and over again to be sure the wrinkles are the same. Then they iron them, making sure each iron we test delivers consistent results.

Your safety is of utmost importance, so extensive tests are also done on the cord. Imagine taking a live wire and bending it back and forth 100,000 times. That’s what we do before it’s approved for production.

For close to a century now, Proctor Silex® irons have been made to get the job done. They are basic, durable, and dependable.

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