The last step on the path to tea nirvana: an electric kettle

The last step on the path to tea nirvana: an electric kettle

Next to water, tea is the world’s most popular beverage and has been for centuries. And lately science has been catching up with ancient wisdom to tell us why: “teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease,” according to Penn Medicine. But all tea is not created equal—to enjoy these potential health benefits, it’s important to drink the real thing—not overly processed or bottled tea beverages.

Unfortunately, half of the tea consumed by Americans is of this packaged, ready-to-drink variety. Why? One reason might be that many Americans have never had the chance to sample a really good cup of hot tea. Teas are delicate plants, and many factors, from the tea’s freshness to the water quality and temperature, play a role in making a good cup. In general, loose, fresh teas will yield more flavor than commercially processed tea bags that may sit on a shelf too long (always check the date for freshness). And filtered or purified water—ideally with a pH level of 7 (not too acidic, not too alkaline or minerally)—will get you on the path to tea nirvana.

It’s on those last few steps to tea bliss that an electric kettle can help. Not only is an electric kettle a faster, safer and more energy-efficient method for heating water when compared to most microwaves or stovetops, a premium kettle like this one also heat water to precisely the right temperature for different varieties of tea. When tea is steeped, tannins, amino acids, aroma and flavor compounds are released from the leaves. In general, white and green teas are more delicate and require water that’s heated (not boiled) to a lower temperature. Here’s a guide to making your perfect cup of tea:

Once you’ve mastered the temperature part of making tea, consider getting adventurous at tea time (which is really any time). Here are three delicious tea recipes that will make you love your Proctor Silex® electric kettle even more.

Matcha Latte
If you think green teas aren’t your thing, think again. This soothing, creamy matcha latte will have you wondering why you’ve been so loyal to black teas.

Lemon Ginger Turmeric Tea
Tumeric’s many health benefits have been widely touted, but you’ll love this tea for the sweet and spicy taste and the soothing and stimulating experience of drinking it.

London Fog Tea
If you’re a fan of Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard, you must try this delicious Earl Grey tea infused with lavender, turbinado sugar and vanilla extract. Great way to lift your own morning or afternoon fog.

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